Thursday, May 6, 2010

Tips and Tricks Thursday!

Here we are...around to Thursday again! So you've gotten your fairy door, picked out a spot and hung it what?

Well, if you have kids then the fun has just begun!

Sometime during your first night, why not leave a note from your fairy friends and a little sprinkle of glitter by the door? Then you can let your child find it in the morning and we bet they will LOVE it!! (Ask a friend to write the note if your kids know your hand writing or print it out in a fancy script or calligraphy font from your computer.  Roll it up with a little bit of twine and you are good to go!)

Now that you have started a conversation with your fairy friend, you can have your child right a note back to leave by the door that night, or a picture or a even a  little treat!

Sneak in a little writing practice (it can't hurt) and get that imagination flowing!!

More next week! Have a great day!


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Your blog is enchanting!

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