Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Make Your Own Fairy Terrarium

Want to make your own Fairy Terrarium? It's super easy.  Start with selecting your container - there are so many possibilities here - an old fish bowl, a glass hurricane lantern (with a base of course), a tea cup....  pretty much anything that allows you a clear view of your miniature garden. Terrariums can be as big or small as you want.

Once you have selected your container here's what you will need:
small gravel
horticultural charcoal (found at most plant stores)
orchid  or fir bark
miniature plants - I used mini African Violets, Irish Moss, Club Moss, Angel's tears and Sedum

Gently place the gravel in first. Mix a bit of the charcoal with the bark then add a this mixture as your next layer. Finally add soil and plants. Give it a little spritz and your finished! Be sure to place your new garden in a sunny place but out of direct sunlight. Remember to make it a welcoming place to the fairies add a rock for them to sit on or a few pine cones, some little glass gems or even that cut clay mushroom from yesterday's post.

If you are feeling extra crafty check out Martha Stewart's adorable Fairy Terrarium (she has even added lights!!):


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