Monday, May 17, 2010

Mushrooms With A Secret

We've created this secret mushroom with the Tooth Fairy in mind but we quickly found out it has many uses! Set this little mushroom next to your fairy door and your have your own little mailbox to the fairy world.
The mushroom cap easily lifts off to reveal the hidden compartment in the mushrooms stem. It's the spot to place that lost tooth. The Tooth Fairy can roll up a dollar (or two!) and put them in the mushroom in exchange for the tooth. You can also use this secret compartment to leave little notes or gifts for your fairy. Watch out, your fairy may leave you little gifts too. A few m&m's, some fairy dust or maybe even a few little gems - you never know what you'll find! To make these adorable mushrooms attractive to the Wee Folk we add our own blend of herbs to the mushroom top so they smell wonderful. Our magical herb mix (aka Gnome-Nip) includes rosemary and lavender. We hope you have as much fun with these as we have.

We enlisted the help of some experts when making these cute little mushrooms.


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