Friday, June 4, 2010

Mini Clay Mushrooms

These little cuties can be made in any size/color/thickness you can dream up. They can be used for scrapbooks,tags, journals, little magnets, brads, Valentine's.... anything you can think of! We like to leave them as gifts to our fairies.

They're quick and easy to make. Start by grabbing your favorite clay - Fimo, Sculpey, etc.

Next make all of your mushroom "parts' - be sure to wash your hands after using the red or the red residue will turn your white into pink!

Assemble the mushroom carefully.
Cut your mushroom down the middle. I bought this clay cutter at the craft store. It was right next to all of the clay and it works beautifully.  You can also use a very sharp knife.

You can add little holes to make buttons if you wish. Finally, bake according to the directions on your clay packaging.


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