Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Fairy Candy

Now that our fairy garden is in full swing we harvested a few of our herbs and edible flowers and decided to make some tasty "fairy candy". These sweet little treats look great on top of ice cream, garnishing iced tea or lemonade or just in a pretty dish. The best part is - they taste great too!!

Here's what you need:
fresh herbs - mint, lemon balm scented geraniums, etc
edible flowers - rose petals, pansies, lavender flowers, etc
egg whites
fine sugar
**ALWAYS check to be sure your chosen flowers/herbs are actually edible, here's a great resource:

 Wash your flowers/herbs and let them dry well. Place 2 egg whites in a dish and lightly beat them. Dip each petal/leaf in one a time, using your fingers to make sure they are completely coated. Then dip into the sugar and place on wax paper to dry. Drying will take around 12 hours - you may need to flip your petal/leaf once during drying.

If you want to make a garnish for your favorite beverage lay dip the petal/leaf as described above but place around the rim of a glass to dry.


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