Friday, August 13, 2010

Festive Paper Garland

I love paper! My craft room is filled with odds and ends of scrapbook papers, wall papers, old cards, rice paper, etc. So many textures and colors, I love them all! This paper garland is a fun way to display all of those cool paper products and it looks great! 

I used a scalloped circle punch and punched out dozens of circles. Be sure to use something that looks pretty on both sides. I don't have a regular sewing machine so I dug out my mini machine and set to work.

Line up the circles and start sewing. Make sure each circle overlaps just a tiny bit to ensure your garland doesn't unravel. Wrap it around a tree, hang it from a chandelier, drape it across a garden fence.... there are so many places and ways to use a garland the possiblities are endless!


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