Friday, July 2, 2010

Tissue and Wire Butterflies


These are a little messy to make but so much fun and the result is so pretty!

Here's what you need:
Wire - I used 20 gauge
Tissue Paper - cut into small strips
A small twig
Elmer's Glue
Wire Cutters - you could also use a pair of old scissors
Wax Paper


 Step 1:
Starting at the top op your twig wrap the wire down and then up again, leaving extra wire at both ends to make antennae. Use a pencil to curl the antennae.
 Step 2:
Cut a piece of wire about 8 inches long. Start at one end of your wire and form your wing, twisting the ends together.

Step 3:
Make a glue mixture of two parts glue, one part water. Gently dip a piece of tissue into the mixture (smooth off excess glue with your finger) and wrap it around the wire wing form. Keep adding pieces until the front and back of the wing form are covered. The tissue paper is very forgiving and will pretty much go where you mold it to. Work on wax paper to avoid a mess!

Step 4:
Sprinkle the wings with glitter and let dry in a sunny spot on the wax paper. After about an hour of drying flip the wings over to dry the other side. Once dry, wrap the long piece of wire at the base of each wing securely around the twig and your finished!


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