Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tips and Tricks Thursday!

Welcome to Tips and Tricks Thursdays! We will be covering all the fun and inspirational things you can do with your PiratesandPixies fairy door once you get it home.

Today let's start with the basics, once I get it at what?

Hangin'-There are a couple of different ways to hang up your could use double stick tape (it might mess up your wall paint and makes it harder to move your door later), so our recommended method is to use a few gobs of museum putty on the back of the door. What is 'museum putty' you ask? Sounds fancy, right? Remember the posters you had as a kid, and you put them up on your walls with that gummy stuff...that is it!!  You can find it in the stationary/office supplies section of all the big superstores. (it will be either yellow or light grey and cost about a buck!) 

The doors are very light so it should hold your door firmly but still allow you to move it anytime you want. Remember the door opens in so once you hang it up only the fairies can open it!

Placement-Where should you put it? Well, the possibilities are endless...if it is a gift for a special little one, then most likely you would put it in their room...down by the baseboard, tucked in a row of books on the bookshelf or even on the wall even with the top of their dresser...anywhere with a little landing spot for the magical friends who will be dropping by!

{A hint on the timing of the placement of your door for a child...instead of wrapping it up to be unwrapped as a gift...try sneaking it into their room at night while they are asleep and then in the morning they can wake up to a special surprise...sprinkle a little glitter around the door and write them a little welcome note from their new fairy friends! They will love it!}

Don't limit yourself to just little ones bedrooms...fairy doors are for all ages and locales...!

See you next week for Tips and Tricks on messages from beyond the door..... ;)!


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